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 Tenny’s closet And practice with with hover board 

Hi guys it’s me Mary and today I am going to show you Tenny’s closet I have lotS of things so let’s get started !!

                                                       Tenny’s American girl autfit 

Tenny’s American girl’s autfit it’s with loads of stars on the shirt and even on the skirt and the Colors are Pink Red Purpleand gray White And it’s riten American girl it’s a really good autfit if you are going to the AG store or American Girl store (AG is the nickname of the American girl store) and it’s really nice .   

    This is the outfit and that’s my room let’s move to the next outfit .
                                            Tenny’s school autfit 
    Tenny’s school autfit is made by me so it’s not coming all in a box. It has a backpack a shirt and pants with skates the it’s a really beautiful autfit that I love it because it’s a bit to strange to be a school autfit but it’s still really well in this autfit it’s not color full but it’s still cute well but I  think that is better to Not bring AG dolls at school Because you could lose them and it’s a sad thing so I think that it’s better to don’t bring them at school

A bit messy but it’s still good let’s move on a nother autfit.
                 Tenny’s suimming sut 

Tenny’s suimming sut it’s really cute it’s pink black and purple it’s really really made with a soft matirial and it’s a really good one but I have A nother one and it’s more for serfing not for running on the sand or doing that things for serfing and there they are .,

            This is the serfing one     

               And this is the  normal one 
                               Tenny now it’s practesing to go with her hover borad let’s see how she is s doing

   She is doing great for now but she is still a bit scared so I don’t think that she will do it But still she is doing great and she is really happy to have a hover board but still she will learn soon I think I don’t know but I think yes . Now she is taking a selfie with er phone Thak you for reading my vlog today and se you tumorow and don’t froget to se the 2 episode of Tenny’s first show it’s going to be on public soon BYE BYE

Tenny’s first show -epesode 1 

Tenny now need’s to do her first music tour but without Logan for her it’s impossible what will she do ? Read this story and you will find out what will happen to Tenny .
Tenny:Hi ! I am Tenny and I am going to do my first Tour in my life but Logan it’s not here dan I don’t know what to do .

Lea:I can help you Tenny 

Tenny:sure that you want to help me?

Lea: yes I am your friend and friends help eachother 

Tenny:Really ? Because you don’t because you don’t have lots of experience in music .

Lea: yes I know but I will try my best that I can (even if I hate music)

Tenny:thank you Lea you are my best friend (:

Lea: I think that the first thing to do is to do a song 

Tenny:yes you are correct because Logan it’s no t here but he made the songs so me need to consentrate 

Lea yup let’s get started !!

                                                            A FEW DAYS LATER…….

Tenny:let me try to sing the song 
                            I love you today I love you in the future I loved you at first I loved in every day of my life .
Lea:you wher grate !!

Tenny:it was grate let’s do this show lets go!!!
                                               WHAT IS THIS ?

This will be a little show of every day of Lea And Tenny it’s going to be every day 1 episode and some times the normal video that I tell stuff so it’s going to be every day tumorow episode 2 se you guys !!!!!!

Say Hi To Tenny 

Hi it’s me mery sorry if i avent make a vlog in a long time but I was really busy .

Well but I have a new  AG doll and she is Tenny she is a really  cool doll she loves music and there is even Logan but I could not get him but I have Tenny .  Tenny is really cutie she has brown eyes and blond hair and she loves the kitar and music . she even has a wonderful autfit It’s not elegant but it’s really beautiful one because it’s not to elegant and not elegant things can be better .At the end of the vlog I am going to leave the link were you can buy her and see her on the AG website but you will buy it on amazon EBay  or in a AG store in The United States.

I need to thank some of you guys that have sogested me some things that I shod do and tell and thank you at all of you ! So Tenny now is playing with Lea and she is really happy she loves playing with the horse 🐴 they are having such a happy day and today they eate pizza 🍕 but they wanted to make the pizza so they made it and it was really they loved the pizza a lot but they love more chocolate 🍫 .

Tell me in the comments this:

  1. Do you like pizza 
  2. How American girls do you have

Tell me this 2 things in the comments I will really like to know and I will respond to has much of you has I can .

Now I am going to show you Tenny’s autfit with Tenny 👍

 This is Tenny and now I am going to show some things of the American Girls it’s for traveling it’s really cutie you will love it guys . A Tenny doll comes with her outfit and there is more axesories that you can get like her dog or kitar but the kitar needs the batteries and in the box there is no batteries so make sure to buy the batteries first and after the kitar .

Thank you for reading my vlog and make sure to folo me and like and comment and I will respond to has much has I can to you guys .

Bye Bye see you guys 

Were you can buy Tenny:

A day with my dolls 

Today, I will tell about my day with my dolls!

This was my day✨Enjoy 😘

First thing I did this morning, was wake up and eat breakfast 🍉 After breakfast, I brushed my teeth and got ready with my dolls 👗.

After I went to play in the garden with them⛵️.

Then I went shopping to buy cool stuff for my dolls and my homework.🎒

After I prepared to go to the beach 🏖 and I went swimming in the sea and made a sand castle ‼️‼️After that, I went to lunch! Today I had salad with a hamburger 🍔

I’m in bremuda! Do you like the beach? I hope so, it’s PINK!!!!!!!😍

After I went to play with my dog . His name is Floppy 🐶

At 2pm I went home to do some homework 📒 Today I did language 📄🤓

This in my dog Floppy.

At 4pm I went to play with my dolls. It’s always amazing when I play with my dolls!

After playing, I watched the blue sky with my dolls!

At 5 pm I had a picnic with my friend Luna! (not the doll, but my human friend)🍎🌙

When my friend Luna got to the park, we had FUN with Floppy!

What would You like to read about tell me all about it in the coments down belw?

I’ll see you in the my next  post BYEEEEEE😀!

My Doll Collection 

Hello, my name is Mary and I will talk about my American Girl Dolls!!

The first doll, is Lea Clark. She is the girl of the year 2016. The second doll, is Sage Copland. She is the girl of the year 2013. The last doll is Luna. She is a doll like me. Let’s get started!!!!

Lea Clark is a very adventurous girl. She has a really good collection, she has a stand and other really cool stuff. You can even see her movie. The movie is about, Lea’s adventure in Brazil, in search of her brother. I really liked this movie.

The next doll Is Sage Copland. When sage grows up, she wants to be a painter, but she also rides horses. In her collection, she has a lot of diffrent outfits, and of course her horse! She has a movie as well, you can find her movie on Netflix.

The final doll is Luna. She is the doll like me! Luna is a really elegant girl. She enjoys reading, and going for walks. Luna is very calm. She likes school, but she has a difficult time, waking up in the morning!

Who is your favorite doll tell me all about it and of what would you like to talk about 

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